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A Letter of a Hunter

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Recently, I started wondering about myself, my goal in life, my plans whatever they are, my current location, my future...

I won't lie, I found myself surrounded by stress and tears.

I lost myself in this big planet, couldn't find any connection.

forgot my inner peace.

I am lucky and blessed to have amazing people around me, a beautiful lover, supportive and amazing family, lots of incredible friends and soul mates.

Yoga pretty much saved me in those days.

I deepened my practice and meditation, I listened to wisdom of wise people.

I felt the pressure is only doing negative things to my lifestyle, my health, my adventures..

I decided to release the stress.

to stop asking myself zillion questions at a time and to live it day by day, doing things that I love, creating, moving, loving.

I decided to live my life swimming against streams, and I'm happy for it.

I took a risk and I'm facing it's dark sides.

I know I can only grow out of it and be a better me.

I know its not about having a specific goal, but about living your life happy and free, walking the path of desires, and trying to make a living out of it.

It wasn't until later that all my plans had to change according to my health, abdominal pains that every psychologic would make meatballs from (as my mum says..)

those had changed my path again..

I'm a person that always believe in Karma and knows that every single thing that happen to us in life has a meaning, It has to happen in order to let something even more incredible grow out of it.

a couple of days ago I run into this letter of Hunter S.Thompson, and I knew i have to read it.

not only that I adore his crazy wisdom and writing, I knew something there is waiting for me, a message I was sure will relate to everything I just mentioned.

I was right.

today, I felt I'm in the right mood to read it.

I felt a good closer of the last month.

I feel calm.

I know I'm aloud to choose my own way without choosing a predefine goal, I'm aloud to choose a way of life I know I will enjoy.

I'm still wandering, It doesn't mean I know exactly what I'm doing now, but I'm deciding to always look for something better (of course by appreciating what I've already have), in the go of a long way towards making a choice.

Thank you for your honest prospective, I wish more people will be inspired by your writing (more then your coolness and craziness)

Hunter S. Thompson on Endless Trip blog



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