Banana sushi

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Banana Sushi Recipe Photography by Oded Houbara

Banana Sushi Photography by Oded Houbara

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A little treat,

A great fancy healthy dessert and also a nice delicious way to make you kids eat brekky.

It is so easy, and can be so healthy!

Banana, is a great source of energy, a healthy spread like nut spread (real 100% nuts) is a good source of fat, and if you wish to decorate it with dried fruits and wrap it in a tortilla, its a perfect energy bomb to boost up your day.

I truly believe in Naturally Sweet treats, because nature already has the best sweetness and the best nutrients.

Ingredients -

1 ripe banana

A real healthy spread

(unsalted tahini, Halva, real 100% nut spread, 100% raw cacao spread)

1 tbspoon of seeds (chia/ flaxseeds) or dried Berries