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Cuban Simplicity

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Cuban people are simple people, and when I say simple I mean it by the fullest expression of this word. We are, as westerners, tend to put ourselves in boxes, arrange everything so carefully in categories, chasing too hard after the American Dream or someone's else's dream or even our dreams, that we badly forget and miss the whole excitement about living in the now, about being derived by passions and happiness. we forget to smile, laugh, or just make funny-naughty-cheeky dances with people we don't know (when we are sober) because other people might think we lost our marvelous. This is why simplicity can be so much more beautiful and deep. Living in an island and doing whatever makes you smile doesn't mean you are a lazy unaspiring person. May we always remember to smile, laugh and dance like there is no one watching, may we all go back to simplicity and love each other without agendas or interests. ✨❤



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