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Giving thanks to beautiful Jamaica

Giving thanks to beautiful Jamaica

For earning a new family

For the honor to be hosted by legendary people from the music industry to surfing and real estate

For beautiful souls that almost made me cry

For learning, for the first time of my life, the meaning of science

For learning how to shut up and listen

For learning from people that did unbelievable things

For opening my mind my knowledge and my spirit

For the slow pace

For huge jungles, white and black beaches

For turquoise water and hippie rivers

For waves and sea weeds I still find between my hair

For being inspired every moment

For learning how to pick up fruits

For learning about herbs, vegetables and roots

For Jamaican coffee and Jamaican rum

For moments I swear to Jah my hart was already exploded from happiness

For nature and health

For slow riddim and fast butty shakin

For dances

For live shows

For jams

For music

For vibes

For getting to know the locals life and culture, for real

For patwa I understood till I got to the heavy country accent...

Jamaica was a dream of mine, and I can say, there's no better way I could make it come true.

As father mikey say, no goodbyes, just "later"...

So 'laita' Jamaica, nuff love for my brethren and sisthren

Blessed love people of the earth

Much respect to all of u were a part of that magic

Hola Mexico!

Jah Mikes and Amber Houbara in Jamaica



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