How to make a SAVOURY OATMEAL any style

Updated: Oct 20, 2018


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We are so used to have porridge/ muesli/ granola…

- All those sweet or semi sweet ways to have oats.

But why not to eat oats as a savoury carb!?

It is so easy and so much quicker then any other carb such as spaghetti, rice, puree etc..

So, if to be honest, it is the perfect solution for lazy people who still want to weep a perfect healthy dinner in just 15 minutes.

You spice it up and make the veggies separate, you can also make an egg to put on top of it all...

But basically its easy peasy and yummy nummy.

This is a recipe to make a savoury oatmeal,

you can choose the seasoning, veggies, herbs, greens for your own taste.

You can mix and match, and make as many as you like during the week with just a little change or twist in the details.