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Thank you El Salvador & Nicaragua

Thank you people of the earth for your wonderful blessings and words for my birthday

Thank you dear family that made my birthday super yummy and touching.

And thank this one special guy, sitting in front of me, on our shared dirt-bike, who made this day to be so perfect, and this month so crazy.

Thank you Nicaragua and El Salvador for the hottest month of the year.

Thanks for having unbelievable moments

For having beautiful friends around me

For deep yoga and meditation sessions, blessing the sun

For surfing

For giving

For forgiving

For letting go

For getting lose

For great rum and great coffee

For sharing everything with a beautiful soul

For caring

For getting hurt

For dancing with the moon

For tears

For smiles

For laughs

For escaping hard decisions

For thoughts

For magics and for magical moments

For tasting new things

For melting into an ocean of unknown feelings.

I wish the age of 22 will be even much crazier (if it's even possible...)

Thank each and every one of you who made me smile,

Who made me laugh,

Who thought me a lesson,

who touched my heart,

who was there for me when I needed,

And who shared a wicked moment with me.

You are all worth more then gold.


Bike ride in Popoyo Beach Nicaragua



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