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Thank you Indonesia & Malaysia

Thank you Indonesia & Malaysia

For teaching me about the ocean, about waves and what's under it.

Thank you for beautiful turquoise water, for white send and green green hills and valise.

For the craziest sunsets I've ever seen.

Thank you for the beautiful special people,

for the spice smells and the verity of spices.

Thank you for people I've met,

for friends I've made,

for connections that I would never be able to express with words.

Thank you for perfect swells and perfect waves.

For being washed out 80 times a day.

For reefs that raped my feet.

For galaxy of stars and colorful shells.

Thank you for the inspiration to create,

to be lazily productive.

For letting go.

For flying away.

For Mother Nature.

Can't wait to visit again and loosing myself completely to those endless islands.

Terima kasih!

Sampai waktu berikutnya...

Bersantae di pantae...

Hello Australia!

Sumbawa, Indonesia



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