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Thank you New Zealand

Thank you New Zealand

For majestic views I wanted to make love with

For inspiring lakes

For having peace in my own zone

For spoiling myself and acting like a big spender

For great coffee

For glaciers

For endless roads that made me loose my mind

For saying wow too many times a day

For snow

For coziness

For writing and creating beautiful things

For beautiful local art

For Devine sunrises from my bed or during my yoga sessions

For wandering this wild nature

For running naked in the cold

For cruising around.

Thank you for giving me exactly what I've needed.

Thank you for a short cold winter and for warm special people.

For smiles. For laughs. For everything.

See u soon ay!?

Heading to Jamaica via Chile..

Much love for my people back home,

Peace and respect for all of you.

Lake Hawea, New Zealand



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