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Thank you Peru&Cuba

Moved from one hostel to another, in Lima, making sure I won't go to a hostel again.

Ate the best steak I had for 10 months with 2 wonderful people.

Landed In the Bohemian unknown part of Cusco, got to know a special soul, a yoga teacher, a friend.

Ate wonderful vegan food.

Found the Hippie-Laid-Back-Sacred-Valley, next to one of the most touristic centers in the entire world, and stayed in a shaman woman's house.

Spoke with hippies that have a total deferent point of view on life.

Tracked to Machu Pichu.

Lived like a princess on the cliff of Barranco, Lima, Not being able to surf Peruvian waves.

Went back in time to Havana 1950.

Offered a glass of rum, in a fancy old restaurant, while the handsome waiter lighted my first Cuban cigar, which I got as a gift with a silver-unreal-diamond-ancient-jewel.

Took a 22 hours bus ride to find Cubans waves, and surf them, in a quite beautiful beach town, south east of Cuba.

Drank ice coffee with rum every day, on a rooftop of my cassa, with a sea view, and salsa music, where no one can find me.

Hunged with Cuban surfers.

Watched Cuban music and dances on the streets.

Went back to Downtown Havana, 26 hours by 2 broken buses, with beautiful crazy Italian friends.

Had a beautiful old room with a terrace of poems, with a great sea breeze and a view on the ghetto streets of Havana Centro.

Got drunk from rum in a fancy old fashion bar, felt like Don Dreiper while writing some notes.

Flu to Nicaragua via panama, rested for 2 days in a colonial town.

22 days

11 beds

10 taxis

9 cities

8 buses

6 flights

5 collectivos

4 nights without sleep

3.5 countries

2 drivers

1 train

From the big city to the middle of nowhere.

From nature to the metropolis.

From the old school ghetto to untouched beaches.

And again...

Doing yoga on breathtaking views, with sunrises or sunsets.

Twisting some heads.

Speaking only Spanish.

Not speaking at all.






Getting lost.

Finding self.

Being me.

Gracias Peru and Cuba, it was a pleasure, after 2 days rest in Nicaragua I'm heading for a while to El Salvador...

Central America Travel Journey



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