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ליאורה חוברה דיאטנית קלינית
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Clinical Dietitian since 1987, an opinion leader in the field of nutrition, coaching and NLP in Israel.
She developed  unique treatment model that combines a clinical medical care – Western combines with  the areas of Coaching (Coaching) the NLP and complementary medicine: diet according to Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.


Liora graduated with honors degree at the School of Nutritional Sciences and at the Hebrew University and  M.Sc. in the  Department of Chemistry pathological in Medical school of Tel-Aviv  University .Her  thesis focused on examining the relationship between diet, obesity and mood. The results were a major breakthrough and innovation in the field and published in leading scientific journals  in the diet world.She has  10 years specialized clinical dietitian In  Ichilov – Tel aviv  Hospital, where she also served as a residency coordinator.

In her clinics, her patients receive holistic treatment approach that combines in-depth clinical Chinese medicine, herbs, nutritional supplements, NLP profound change in the subconscious level, guided imagery and personal training.


Liora is a popular speaker in the field of professionalclinical nutrition, Chinese medicine and herbal medicine for  doctors and dieticians. She also lectures for Group facilitator, workshops and lectures for institutions in the business sector as well as public and private events.


She is a regular professional writer in  newspaper columns, for many years, on nutrition and healthy cooking and diet. And regularly participates in the electronic media, television and radio programs .


In 2005, her book The Chinese Diet  for REAL Slimming and Health,was a bestseller and won rave reviews from readers and colleagues. The book brings a unique weight loss method developed by Liora Houbara and integrates Chinese medicine in yhe Western life.

In 2009 her book –  365 days without excuses was also a bestseller in Israel. This book takes you throughout the seasons, work, holidays and vacation, weekends, trips, Saturdays and children and guides you how to eat right.


Liora engaged in professional advice to leading companies in the field of healthy foods while maintaining professional integrity in this area.
Liora careful to continue to study and keep up the country and abroad to bring patients, lectures and you visitors, the most innovative approaches in the field of nutrition, and to address weight and health is the most complete and correct.

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