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"Meditation is the journey from sound to silence,

from movement to stillness,

from a limited identity

to unlimited space"

~ Sri Ravi Shankar

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CranioSacral Therapy and Sound Massage in Margaret River, WA

Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy
& Sound Massage




YTT 200 - Santosha Bali.



25 intensive with Maty Ezraty



Yin Teacher Training - Noga Weiss


2019 - 2020

Cranio Sacral Study Group


Peter Hess Sound Massage

 Since 2021 - Currently

Live & Online practice & courses with Matthew Sweeney - Certified Moon Seq Vinyasa Krama Mandiram


Sound Bath Facilitation Certificate by Sound Relaxation Australia

Great amount of workshops around the world with great teachers



Amber is an enthusiastic, creative and present Yoga Teacher who offers a mindful and honest practice with the combination of energetic work.


She began her yoga journey in 2011.  Amber is passionate about authentic teaching.  She practices and studies Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyneger and Yin along with Vipassana, Qi Gong, Cranio-sacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mobility and Dance.


She aspires to learn as much as she can, from all styles, teachings and techniques related to yoga and meditation, in order to create a great toolbox to help others and herself in any situation and at any stage.

Amber sees yoga as a spiritual way to use physicality to tap deeper into one's soul, and clear the mind while healing her/his body.  Yoga for her is a daily practice, on and off the mat, of how to be, how to live more lovingly, kindly, and compassionately with all living beings.

About Amber

Amber was a dancer for 11 years, always fascinated by movement and sports. Her mother, Liora Houbara, is a Dietitian specialising in Chinese medicine and herbs and an NLP Master.  Amber’s yoga journey began in a studio in her home town of Tel Aviv, Israel. She was inspired by her teachers in the ‘way of yoga’, that it is not only a physical workout, rather a work-in. She began practicing Hatha, Vinyasa, Integrative yoga (inspired by Iyengar), Kundelini, and Ashtanga. It was when she started practicing Mysore (with Shirly Caspi and Alit Bar Sade), that she learnt and tapped into her own self practice. Her thirst for exploration of life took her to travel the world and this further enabled her to strengthen her self practice.


In 2015 through suffering abdominal pain, she found relief with deep Kriya Yoga and this inspired her to share the magic of yoga with others. She decided to do her first YTT in Bali Indonesia in 2016 and started teaching only private classes and small groups along with workshops, as she felt it was the right way to begin to teach yoga.


In 2017 she returned to Israel for a visit and had the honour to participate in an Intensive Yoga for Teachers Course with Maty Ezraty.  Maty has been a huge inspiration in Amber’s yoga practice.  Maty encouraged her to explore Iyengar, so Amber enrolled in Beginner Iyengar and Iyengar for Joints and Spine for 6 consecutive months, and only then stepped up to Iyengar Level 1.


In 2017 Amber also joined her good friend Noga Weiss on her first Yin YTT. Noga also introduced Amber to Cranio-Sacral Therapy and to Adolf Brown, who later became one of her CST teachers.  In 2019 Amber began training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy in a small study group with Adolf Brown and Chris Skeidmore in Bali.


In 2019, Amber also attended her first Vipassana course in Malaysia. She found that it deepened her understanding of yoga, buddhism and moreover - why and how we practice for our own salvation.  Vipassana, incorporated with yoga and energetic work, has become part of her life practice. 


Amber’s Yin journey along with her Vipassana practice, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and her knowledge of NLP and Chinese Medicine  has integrated into a nourishing Yin Yoga teaching that she is excited to pass on to others.


In 2020 Amber deepened her self practice and began teaching in studios in Australia as well. Amber has completed a pranayama course  with AJ and Indra Mohan, and deepened her understanding of it.  In 2021 Amber started practicing with Matthew Sweeney and she has been inspired by his beautiful way of understanding and respecting one’s body and mind. She keeps practicing with him in person as online to this date. Amber is certified for Sound Massage by Peter Hess Academy Australia (2021)


Through the journey of exploration, training, practice and open mind and heart, Amber’s teachings have found their course and continue to strengthen. 







Dec 11 - Dec 17















Margaret River, Western Australia

Weekly Classes in Margaret River
At Swell Yoga Studio, Margaret River

Sunday 5 pm Yin, Cranio-Sacral & Sound (90 min)



“Besides the reason that amber an amazing human being she’s a great yoga teacher.

Before my yoga lesson, she asked me about my yoga experience, if I have any injuries, what kind of yoga I’m practicing, and what do I seek from yoga.

With my answers, she made me a yoga lesson that was the best for me at that time. During the class, she explained and show me how to fix basic mistakes that I have done without even noticing (I’m practicing yoga for few years with different teachers) and we worked on that until I got it right, it was the first time that a yoga teacher notice and explained me about my mistakes.”

—  Lihi Kraus

"So this questions asks. What do you recommend about Amber? Can't put it into words to do justice. Amber comes with her own energetic recommendation. She is a shining beacon of love and light. Her soul is gentle and kind. Her teaching style is sweet and confident. The way Amber guides you through the class is imbued with love and passion for what she is teaching and she shares her wisdom in a way that is accessible for everyone. She care, she listens, and she has incredible technical knowledge. She is a truly amazing woman and yoga teacher! So much love."

—  Naty Perez Haedo

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