Endless Trip was created by Amber Houbara.

A true traveler who aim to connect between cultures and to share her true passion for -

Travel, Food, Healthy Living, Spirituality, Art and Jewellery.

This is a home to her lifestyle blog, sharing healthy lifestyle and travel guide knowledge and recipes along with her jewellery brand which she is collecting around the world as well as designing her own line.

indulge yourself in the colours, stories and sense of unknown and faraway destinations.


My name is Amber,

I finished my duty of 2 years in the army, and decided to go on an EndlessTrip around the world.

I wander in nature and big cities, I explore them.

I go on adventures, sometimes as a gypsy, sometimes as a princess.

I write.

I meet beautiful souls, I listen to them.

I tell them my stories and insights.

I try to bring good to this world.

I love, I feel, every single moment, every single view.

I take pictures and videos, I document.

I create, I design- jewelry, graphics, art.

I move, I do yoga&meditation, I surf, I run, I ride, I dive.

I try to connect myself to mother nature as close as I can.

I collect unique pieces of jewelry/accessories/clothing/homeware from faraway places.

I drive endless roads which take me everywhere, and nowhere.

I share.

I seclude myself.

I travel alone, but never lonely.

This is my journey around the world,

My appetite is endless.

Come with me to places you've never seen before.

yours truly,



self portrait by a tibetan monk in india

Photo by a tibetan monk in India. on Dalai Lama conference 2014


amber houbara on 106fm


Welcome to Endless Trip,

This is my place to share beautiful Jewels, Stories, Food and Travel Guides.

Found on my endless travels around the world -With YOU.

I wish to connect between cultures and let the world see the beauty of faraway places.




This is a short tour through this big thing I call



Different groups, tribes and hand made work always interest me.

I carefully select keeping in mind, the quality of the products that are presented to you here in my shop.

I truly believe that every jewel has a story to tell.

On my endless road I started designing jewelries, inspired by those tribes, ethnic cultures, patterns and the surrounding nature.

My designs are preciously hand made from 925 sterling silver.





THE OVERALLS/ Off the Beaten Track Travel Guid & Recommandation Sections-

I love to reccomend on my off-the-track travels, and share the places I found and loved, with other unusual travelers who seek to see the real uniqness of ineffable nature or cultures.

this can be found on each country page on the top of the page. 






Evrything from everywhere about everything

meeting with new people every day and exposing myself to so many opinions points of view smells tastes etc. gives me the eger to explore more and share whatever I find in the most secrets allys with you.

From food fashion and wellbeing to movement and spirituality

(please if you have anything to share contact me on the contact section)





The Travel Blog-

well, my whole story started when I opened this blogger blog and shared my adventures. I couldnt resist to not open a bigger website but I still post my adventures as well (in hebrew, my language, sorry english speakers.. hopefully one day I would be able to translate everything.

But you can definatly find THE OVERALL sections there as well.)





Everywhere you'll end up, in this website, you'll find heaps of photos I took from around the globe, stories and other surprises I brew under my sleave...


For more info, adventures and stories you can always visit-


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