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19 Aug 2023 | Fair Harvest, Margaret River/ Wadandi Boodja, Western Australia

Ānāpānasati , One Day Silent Retreat

learn how to observe the reality as it is and quite your mind,
by diving into the Buddha’s teachings.

("sati" - mindfulness; "ānāpāna" - breathing)

Do you need a break?

When was the last time you put yourself first and invested in y

Have you always wanted to learn how to calm your mind, observe the reality as it is and develop equanimity so you are less reactive to life?

If your Answers are Yes, You’re in the Right Space.

This is a special time for your-self.

A special time to put yourself first and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A special time for you to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to your heart and your soul.

You will learn the simple and effective technique of the Buddha, to focus the mind and start observing the reality as it is (and not as we would like it to be - through our filters), as well as learning how to develop equanimity and therefore be less reactive to life.

You will learn how our relationships are mirrors and how we can utilise them in order to learn deeper about ourselves, and let go of our conditionings.

You will have YOU time, and be guided, held, nurtured and seen. You will have time to journal and let go of whatever is not serving you.

You will have time to rest and wonder in the vast land of Fair Harvest Permaculture which is nestled on Wadandi Boodja (the aboriginal native name for Margaret River, WA) and enjoy the most nutritious food which comes from the permaculture farm straight onto your table.

About the Retreat

A journey in the spirit of the Buddha's teachings,
To turn off the outside noise and re-discover your true nature.

To learn to observe the reality as it is and develop equanimity,
Whilst enhancing your self love.

| Meditation, Philosophy, Yin Yoga, Guided Imagery |
Enriched with Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Sound Massage.

How Ānāpānasati, a Silent Retreat was Born

After a surf injury in 2014, I started experiencing PTSD panic attacks in the water, underwater (diving) and on the land on way to the surf. It took years of understanding what I am experiencing and why, and trying different methods to liberate myself from these symptoms. In retrospective, I could also see how I started feeling lost, and fear was taking over larger parts of my life.


On the first Vipassana course I ever took, my life changed upside down. Everything became crystal clear to me. I understood how my subconscious mind and body work, and what was happening to me when I was experiencing these panic attacks.


Moreover, the meditation work I did on this course along with an outstanding Cranio-Sacral session I received after the course from one of my teachers, freed me from the burden of PTSD and fear. I couldn’t believe it, but from that point on, I was not only able to live more freely, I was also not reacting to life the way I was before.

I no longer experience these panic attacks, the most healing place for me is to be in the water, and if I identify layers of these conditioning and trauma, I have the tools to flow with the situation with ease and take ownership of my life.

amber playing sound bowls

As this technique changed my life after practicing it thoroughly, I felt the call to pass it on to others. I curated carefully different modalities I practice and believe to be supportive for Vipassana Mediation, and decided to make it a small, intimate and very nurtured environment.

After the first retreat I hosted in 2022, I saw how powerful this combination is, and I had a deep understanding that this is my calling in this lifetime.

I had a deep knowing of the places I wanted to host these retreats around the world, while creating a special connection with the retreat space owners, staff, culture and country.

This is how Soul, a Silent Retreat was born, 4-7 night silent retreats, but I felt there was still a group of people whom needed a slightly different retreat, a shorter retreat, to come back to themselves, learn tools to calm their minds, to invest in themselves, to put themselves first and enhance their self love.

I decided to create Anapanasati, so you don’t have to take many days off and go far away. It is a shorter retreat which is not compromising of how deep you can go, or the amount of tools you can learn.

I offer a feminine approach to the traditional teachings of the Buddha, combining with a hands on Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Sound Massage, learning to practice in stillness, movement, on a philosophical level but most importantly on an experiential level, in few of the most sacred and breathtaking places on earth.

Your Host & Teacher::
Amber Houbara,
Nice to Meet you

Amber has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2011 and started teaching in 2016. She started hosting Soul, a Silent Retreat in 2022.

She is hosting retreats, workshops, events, classes and private sessions around the world and have supported hundreds of people in her offerings.

Amber participated in a number of Vipassana courses and serving, Teacher trainings/ courses/ workshops of asana /pranayama /philosophy with great teachers such as; Maty Ezraty, Matthew Sweeney, AG & Indra Mohan, Mark Robberds as well as a deep practice with many great teachers from Israel such as Shirley Caspi, Sharon Kanor, Nancy Gardush, Galia Kornfeld, Eden Gershon, and a Yin Yoga TT with Noga Weiss.

Amber is trained in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Peter Hess Sound Massage, and therefore you will experience some of this therapy throughout the retreat.

To read more about Amber, as well as testimonials

amber houbara

What are the Benefits of joining
Ānāpānasati, a Silent Retreat

Learn the Buddha’s powerful techniques, to calm the mind and observe the reality as it is.

 Learning meditation step by step.

Detox from screens and outside noises, and re-discover your true nature and so you can connect to mother nature on a deeper level.

Come back and listen to your heart and feel more Self love, worthiness, kindness and compassion. and how to share love kindness and compassion to all living beings.

Understand the law of nature : impermanence.

And how to surrender to change.

Learn how to develop equanimity by being resilient to craving and aversions.

Receive Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Sound Massage during Yin Yoga.

Learn tools to utilise in different scenarios in your daily life.

Feel elevated few inches above the ground, liberated, transformed, rested, nurtured, seen and held.

Who is this Retreat for?

If you need a break from your busy every day life.

If you are looking for a transformational experience.

If you always wanted to learn how to calm your mind, observe the reality as it is and develop equanimity so you are less reactive to life.

If you always wanted to learn how to meditate.

If you always wanted to learn the buddha's tecniques but wanted a safe intimate and feminine space, where you are being seen held and nurtured before, throughout and after.

If you are willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Who is this Retreat NOT for?

If you enjoy living in ignorance.

If you are not willing to work diligently in order to calm your mind and improve your lifestyle.

If you are a person that always complains and never do anything about it.

If you don’t want to connect with your own body mind and soul on a deep level.

If you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to keep staying in the state you are now

fair harvest yoga barn

Location :: Fair Harvest, Margaret River

Fair Harvest is an established permaculture farm 5km out of Margaret River in Australia’s beautiful South West corner.

Featuring extensive food gardens, a Farm Cafe, a beautiful Yoga Barn, farm and forest walks and campsite which is designed for people wanting a quiet, eco-friendly stay.

Fair Harvest has been a home to Amber's teachings since 2020 hosting classes, workshops, events and retreats. Amber continue to deepen her relationship with Jo & Do the owners and their family's beautiful land and creation.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians the First Nations people and families of this land. We offer our respect and acknowledgement to their Elders past, present and emerging. To their continuing cultural and spiritual practices, to their vast knowledge, and to their efforts caring for land and people and the living breathing spirit of country.

Food:: Permaculture Farm

Fair Harvest is living on Permaculture principles, and Jodie Lane, the owner and chef is passionate about growing food, educating and cooking the most delicious, nurturing and wholesome food from her farm to table.

Jodie and her lovely team will make sure you are nurtured and nourished during the retreat so you can really go deep in your meditation practice.

You will enjoy a full board of:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee & Tea and a Treat at the end of the day.

“We love sharing food with friends and family; there is nothing better than sitting around a table for a humble, home grown feast. We are also aware of the urgency with which we need to be growing food in every available space. We need to do this for the planet and for the expanding population. So while growing food is our love and our life it is also a conscious choice of ‘what we can do’ for the future.”

fair harvest yoga barn


Sat, 19 Aug - Anapana

Welcome Talk

8.00-9.00 am

The Shala Space

Breakfast Break
The Cafe Space & Fair Harvest



The Shala Space

Lunch Break


The Cafe Space & Fair Harvest



The Shala Space



The Cafe Space & Fair Harvest

Dharma Talk/ Philosophy Class


The Shala Space / in nature (if weather allows)



Yin Yoga, Cranio-Sacral & Sound Massage


The Shala Space

Dinner & Breaking Noble Silence


The Cafe Space / Fair Harvest


What is Included