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Fast Pace and New Creations

Vatta Kannal, India

vatta kannal - India.

It's hard keeping the pace of my travels, making recommendation sections about every county, writing my adventures, collecting jewelry (and more goodies), selling them, producing markets, creating, editing, taking pictures, writing, building a business, collaborating, cooking and learning more about this world, modeling, doing yoga, doing sports, remembering to breath, taking quality time with friends, family, lover, and many many more...

but the excitement about every thing that I'm doing and the grateful feeling about all that just paint my life with sparkling colors.

that is the reason every time I create something its just like having a new baby.

I really do believe we all should chase our dreams and make them come true, every day, even if we struggle sometimes, we should take it as a piece of mind to learn something new and let ourself grow.



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