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Thank you Australia

Thank you Australia!

For big city life,

For crazy parties,

For heaps of chai,

For friends that I've made and for friends I was lucky to meet again,

For wonderful and welcoming hosts,

For my very first surfboard and skateboard,

For learning how is it to live in my own van, with one special dude,

For thousands of miles I've derived... On the wrong side...

For waking up to crazy views, for saying 'WOW' million times a day while driving those endless roads,

For fruit breads and organic food,

For nature shops and huge supermarkets that made me get lost...

For great coffees and sweet cafes,

For green bushes and weeds for special herbs, fruits and spices,

For extremely gorgeous beaches,

For having my very first market stall in a beautiful hippie market,

For those beautiful hippie souls I've met on my way,

For hot surfers and skaters in every corner (in both sexes),

For learning about tradition and history of a beautiful unique land,

For bad swell, and for pickin' up...

For my first wet suit,

For wetty warmers, duck dives, nose dives, beach brakes, currents, and finely finding my favorite reef spot.

I'm leaving u with a smile on my face that knows I'm gonna visit again.

After chewing some dumpling in china I can say...

bonjour Paris!

In those crazy days, I'm sending my love to my friends and family back home. I know we are a big strong nation and I'm sure we will get throw this severe period of time.

Take care and be strong!

I wish one day we would be able to have some Peace&love in the Middle East.

Melbourne, Australia



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