Green OR Beet Falafel Patties + Colourful Burger Buns - 2 Tempting Recipes

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

What is more tempting then a colourful burger bun loaded in all things good?

and.. well.. I am from the middle east, and what else is more middle eastern then Falafels??

So I was thinking.. Why not mixing the two?

I know for most Middle eastern it will sound so bizarre but if its too bizarre for you to eat it inside a bun - try it in a Pita bread or home made Laffa!

I wanted to share this amazing recipe since these falafels are so healthy! When I grew up and my body started rejecting fried food I thought this is it for me with Falafels.. But not anymore!

I have found some different recipes compared them, changed them and made it so many times and I can tell you my friends they are the ultimate falafel patties you'll ever have!

They are Gluten Free, Vegan, and more then all - OIL FREE!!

Adding to the patties - these buns are so fluffy and nice, you would love to add them to your BBQ recipes!