The Unicorn Smoothie Bowl

When I first started this project, It was obvious that one of the themes I will use a lot is the unicorn. Because what is more cute, colourful and magical then unicorns?!

So I decided to create a bowl that combine the two main colours of the unicorn - blue and pink!

In addition, I designed special unicorn cookie cutters to cut the fruits, and I made colourful bliss (which you can also make on this recipe) balls to decorate with

I chose Blue Spirulina and Pitaya powder since its a good combination of antioxidants and energy boost, but you can choose to substitute it in any of your favourite blue and pink superfood powders from the full guide

Banana is the queen of energy boost and berries are the queens of antioxidants, add to that blue spirulina (more energy) and pity powder (more antioxidants) and you got a perfect health kick!

(Read more about Pitaya powder and Blue Spirulina benefits on this article - "COLOURING YOUR FOOD WITH SUPERFOODS" <