Be my Valentine - The Love Smoothie Bowl

When I decided to make a red smoothie bowl, it was clear to me that it would be "The bowl of LOVE". When I host people in my house, and I want to spoil them, I prepare them a smoothie bowl, and I try to feel what is happening in their lives at the moment, and what message I can remind them. If it's self-love or peace or self-confidence... What I sense and choose will appear on the bowl that will be served to them ... a bit like a fortune cookie.

So what pops into my head the most when in comes to a Red Smoothie Bowl is... of course.. -Love.

I decided to use Sabres Powder because it has a very strong red colour, and also because it is available in Israel, it's special and very tasty.

(Read more about Sabres benefits on this article - "COLOURING YOUR FOOD WITH SUPERFOODS" scroll down until the red pigment)

You can choose to substitute it in any of your favourite red superfood powders from the full guide