Toast Art - The Full Guide​

Creating a beautiful art with food was always a passion of mine, My mother use to say 'we first eat with our eyes' and the Chinese along with the Indians and other ancient traditions were talking about eating with all of our senses for centuries - That is described as eating meditation.

For me, cooking and making food is a part of the meditation, and as the Japanese make tea as a ceremonial experience -cooking for me is an essential process of having a piece of mind in the middle of a hard day or unwinding at the end of one.

Scrolling down on instagram and my favourite food blogs I saw all the unicorns, mermaids and rainbow toasts.. and then it hit me!

Why not drawing on my toast with superfoods?!

why wont I get a brush and start improvising, or even better - get some stencils made!

It is all up to your imagination, and if you have kids it is an amazing educational activity you can do with them..

So get your drawing on - lets start making magic in the kitchen!