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Banana Popsicles

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Banana Pops - Photography by Oded Houbara

Banana Pops Photography by Oded Houbara

make ahead

So easy, and so good

instead of buying popsicles which are full of sugar and preservatives, make your own natural pops.

Way better, way healthier and way tastier!

If you want to serve it as a chilling dessert, you can make smaller rounds instead of a half of a banana per pop (like in the picture).

For 6 Banana Pops

Ingredients -

3 ripe bananas

A real healthy spread

(unsalted tahini, Halva, real 100% nut spread, 100% raw cacao spread)

1 cup of muesli or granola

6 popsicles sticks

Method -

Slice the banana in half, and stick every stick at the large part of the banana you just sliced.

Spread a thin layer of your favourite healthy spread on each banana half

transfer the muesli or granola in a bowl, and dip the banana with the spread in the muesli/ granola so it will stick to it (you can also use your fingers to push it down a little bit so the muesli/ granola stays on the spread)

freeze over night.

you can leave it in the freezer for up to a month.


This Recipe is a part of "The Breakfast Club"

A special guide for a healthy way to go Back To School.

In a collaboration with Liora Houbara,

One of the leading Clinical Dietitian in Israel,

And an opinion leader in the field of nutrition, coaching and NLP.


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