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Breakfast Burrito

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Breakfast Burrito at Shady Shack Bali

Breakfast Burrito at Shady Shack Bali

An Mexican inspired breakfast.

It’s not a traditional Mexican brekky, but it’s pretty god-damn good to wrap everything up in a big burrito and start your day full of energies.

If you are a busy bee and you already about to close this window because you claim “you have no time for this recipe”, Think again!!!

You can make ahead the burritos, once a week, and then only heat them up in the morning or when you're really hungry.

*You can make a big salad with fresh veggies (instead of cooking the vegetables), seasoned with your favourite seasoning.

But then it will be a problem to freeze the burritos.

*For Vegans you can make a scrambled tofu instead using eggs.

Breakfast Burrito at Peloton SuperShop Bali

Breakfast Burrito at Peloton SuperShop Bali

Make Ahead

For 8 Burritos to freeze and eat during the week

(and one for when you finish making them all, After all you just weeped 8 burritos, you deserve it!)

Ingredients -

For the filling -

1/2 onion

2 garlic cloves, minced

3 cups of your favourite veggies, diced to small dices

1 spoon of your favourite spices

For the omelette -

8 eggs

(organic and free range)

2 cups of greens, chopped

(kale, spinach, bock choy)

salt and pepper to taste

For The Burrito -

A healthy spread

(optional, such as Tahiny, hummus, 5% spread cheese etc)

8 Tortillas

(whole wheat, gluten free, corn flour, coriander infused, or any other, just check the ingredients to know you buy good healthy ones)

For serving -

yogurt (up to 5% fat, or a substitute for vegans)

Salsa (or any other healthy sauce, preferred homemade)

Method -

First stage /Cook the veggies -

In a big saucepan (preferred non stick, if you don’t have a non stick you can use a bit of water and cover so you create a steaming process, its a great trick to avoid oil using. but if you must use oil, use a healthy plant based oil spray and spray a thin layer on the pan)

Cook the onion and garlic until golden.

Add the remaining veggies you chose, by order-


Soft veggies


Add spices and cook until the vegetables are tender.

Set aside and let chill.

Second Stage /Make the omelette -

*For vegans you can make a scrambled tofu

In a big bowl, mix the eggs, with herbs greens salt and pepper.

Heat another pan (again you can use the same method of cooking without oil or spray)

and make 4 omelettes (each from 2 eggs).

Set aside and let chill.

Third stage /Roll the Burrito -

When the filling and the eggs are not hot anymore,

Place 1 tortilla on your working surface, if you chose to spread a healthy spread, spread a thin layer on the tortilla.

Gently, add 1 tbspoon of veggies in the middle of the burrito, and add half of 1 omelette you made (so its like you added only 1 egg).

*Please Note! Don’t over load the Burrito, unless it won’t close properly. So if your tortilla is smaller then my methods, take some veggies out.

Fold the upper and lower parts of the tortillas, and then gently fold one side on top of the whole filling and roll it over so the burrito is closed.

Forth stage /Packing and Freezing -

You can wrap the burritos with a sandwich paper (baking paper) and on top to it with a nylon.

Keep in a closed box in your freezer, up to 2-3 weeks.

Or keep in the fridge for 1 day.

*Using a sandwich paper is a healthier way to prevent plastic touch your food, but, you must make sure the burritos are not wetting the paper so it wont stick when you freeze and later when you defrost.

Fifth Stage /Serving -

In the morning, take the burrito out of the freezer.

You can heat it in a toaster over, in a covered pan over a low flame, or in a microwave (not recommended)

Serve with Salsa, and yogurt.


This Recipe is a part of "The Breakfast Club"

A special guide for a healthy way to go Back To School.

In a collaboration with Liora Houbara,

One of the leading Clinical Dietitian in Israel,

And an opinion leader in the field of nutrition, coaching and NLP.


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