Galaxy Smoothie Bowl

Galaxy smoothie bowl is one of my favourite! It is so Sexy and Mysterious in a way... I liked playing around with what can I decorate it with to make it look like outer space..

"Sexy and Mysterious" - Galaxy Smoothie Bowl

It is so easy to make the base with charcoal, and because it colour everything black I could use some mangos too, too ease up the heaviness of only bananas - without harming the colour!

I also loved using colourful yogurt as my galactic pink and blue shades!

It is so easy to make.. literally only using 2 little bowls or cups to mix yogurt with your favourite superfood colour, then drizzle it on top of your smoothie base and mix with a toothpick! It would look like Magic!

"Pink and Blue galactic shades....It's Like Magic!" - Galaxy Smoothie Bowl