Updated: Oct 20, 2018


a big saucepan for 5 ppl.

the whole idea of making a Shakshuka in my eyes -is to play around!

I like to go to the market or the supermarket and pick as many vegetables and spices as I can,

but the most important part is to have as many tomatoes as possible, so the actual sauce is as fresh and real as possible.

and as we say in Israel - more ASLI (authentic).

You can choose which kind of veggies you like from each group that is written, (1 cup of roots + 1 cup of veg + 1 cup of leaves).

And season with your favourite style (either Mediterranean or Asian)

What ever you want and crave… -The more the merrier

(I like to make it as a kind of the french-known-Ratatouille…)

The Ingredients -