Eggs in a Hole

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Eggs in a Hole with Veggies

Eggs in a Hole with Veggies

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As a little girl I loved when my mum made us an egg in a hole.

In my eyes, of a kid, it always seems to me like there is a surprise inside the bread, and more then that you just need to slice with the knife and fork and eat it, which make it easier on kids, or people who just don't like to mess around with their food too much.

For 2 people -

Ingredients -

2 slices of a good healthy nourishing bread

(whole wheat/ gluten free/ rye/ etc)

2 organic free range eggs

Method -

In the 2 slices of bread, make a hole in the middle of the slice. You can use a cookie cutter or an esspresso cup (or your fingers if your hole making technic is a winner).

Keep the bread rounds aside for later.