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Healthy Pancakes sweet or savoury

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Sweet Healthy Pancakes With Berries

Sweet Healthy Pancakes With Berries

Pancakes can be sweet but also savoury, So in this recipe you can choose if you make naturally sweet fruity pancakes or a delicious savoury ones.

If you are a concern parent, and your kids refuse to eat fruits, this is a great way to hide them inside the batter.

You can serve it with Naturally Flavoured Yogurt, or as a Breakfast Pizza.

If you choose the Savoury one, you can serve it as a base for a sunny side up eggs.

It’s easy to make a bunch when you already have the time and motivation and freeze them to enjoy it long term, and also to have a quick breakfast.

Savoury Healthy Pancakes

Savoury Healthy Pancakes at Clear Cafe Ubud Bali

make ahead

For 20 Pancakes -

Ingredients -

1 cup of fresh fruits of your choice, Pealed and cut into tiny slices (If you choose to make a savoury Pancake don't use fruits in the batter)

2 cups of flour of your choice

(whole wheat, gluten free, rye, etc)

6 tbspoons of Wheat Germ/ Oat Bran/ Sesame Powder/ Flax Powder

(you can use one or more of them, all together 6 tbspoons)

1 tbspoon Baking Powder

1 tbspoon Honey

2 organic free range eggs, whipped

1 cup mineral water

1 1/2 cup milk of any kind

Method -

First Stage -

In a bowl, mix the fruits, honey, whipped eggs, milk and water.

mix well. (If you choose to do a savoury Pancake don't add fruits to the batter)

In a separate bowl, mix all the dry ingredients.

Add the wet mixture and the dry mixture to a food processor and blend until smooth.

Second stage -

Heat a big sauce pan (preferred non-stick), use a plant based oil spray to spray a thin layer on the pan, so the pancakes wont stick to the pan.

Let the pan heat until the pan is very hot.

Use a ladle to pour the batter to the pan

(one ladle size is enough for one big pancake, an espresso cup will be the amount needed for a small pancake).

You can make few pancakes at the same time, if your pan is big enough.

Bubbles will appear on the pancakes batter, and then they will turn into little holes.

Then flip the pancake gently to the other side, and let it cook until golden.

Repeat the method as many times as you need to make more yummy pancakes.

Serve hot, with real maple syrup or with the other serving options I offered at the intro.


This Recipe is a part of "The Breakfast Club"

A special guide for a healthy way to go Back To School.

In a collaboration with Liora Houbara,

One of the leading Clinical Dietitian in Israel,

And an opinion leader in the field of nutrition, coaching and NLP.


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