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Naturally Flavoured Yogurt with real fruits puree

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Flavoured Yogurt with real fruits puree

Flavoured Yogurt with real fruits puree

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Instead of going to the super market and buying a factory flavoured yogurt, I have a very cool way to have my yogurt flavoured with the taste of nature.

When I will make myself a smoothie to chill down, I will make a little bit more then for just a cup.

So I’ll have an extra 1/4 cup of smoothie.

Then I’ll pour it into a jar, and I will cover it with a think layer of yogurt.

I like to leave a bit more room in the jar for when I eat it, I can top it up with muesli or other toppings.

When I will crave my flavoured yogurt I can mix it up and eat in pleasure.

It’s also easy to make a whole smoothie and then make few jars like that, for the whole family, or for few days.

For 4 flavoured yogurt jars -

Ingredients -

1 cup of fresh fruits

2 cups of natural yogurt

(3%-5% fat) or a vegan yogurt substitute

1 cup of muesli or granola


Special tools needed -

4 jars with a lid.

Method -

Blend all the fruits in a blender until smooth (like a fruit puree)

Divide the puree to 4 jars evenly.

Add 1/2 cup of yogurt to each jar.

Add 1/4 cup muesli/ granola to each jar.

So you have each jar with-

1/4 fruits puree

1/2 yogurt

1/4 muesli/granola.

Store in the fridge for up to a week.

You can eat for breakfast, a healthy snack, or take it to school or work.


This Recipe is a part of "The Breakfast Club"

A special guide for a healthy way to go Back To School.

In a collaboration with Liora Houbara,

One of the leading Clinical Dietitian in Israel,

And an opinion leader in the field of nutrition, coaching and NLP.


Liora Houbara's Website

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