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The Breakfast Club - 15 healthy breakfast recipes and tips for going Back to School

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

The Breakfast Club

A Special Collaboration with Liora Houbara

Clinical Dietitian M.Sc. and Master NLP for healthy living

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So, are you and the kids ready for the new studying year?

You obviously bought everything you or your kids need in their school bags, but what about breakfast?

A new year is always a great time to come up with new rituals and habits,

For example, This year you wont skip breakfast and give yourselves and your kids a beautiful nourishing Breakfasts experience, with only a little bit of effort and not much time…

Fruits on Toast

Fruits on Toast Photography Oded Houbara

Most kids (and also their parents) skip breakfast, as of being in a rush, not feeling hungry and many other excuses.

But, as the grandmothers used to say

- “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”,

And so researches shows -

“A kid who hasn't eaten breakfast, is not realising his potential, at the first 2 hours of school classes”

(and it is relevant to adults at work as well)

Our brain needs energy (calories) to function, and unfortunately if it miss

it has to use “reserved energy”.

After a night of fasting, it is very important to eat breakfast.

So, if reading this made your concerned parent in you (or only self parent if you are going to uni/collage/work or a different lifestyle), use the motivation that lest and lets get into it!

even thou it seems like mission impossible, that might require quitting your job, the opposite is true.

With a little bit of time and effort the night before or once a week on the weekend (and this way, kids can participate and have some fun cooking), and with a bit of planning, you can create yourselve a peace of mind knowing your kids are eating well, and that you spent the minimum time on it.

and another bonus to it -

You will eat healthier as well!

Some Tips -

Dedicte few minutes a week, to plan a weekly breakfast plan.

Create a groceries list that will contain the ingredients of this plan.

You can use those 15 Wonderful Recipes -

Healthy and delicious Breakfasts, which you can find at the Bottom of this post.

Even thou they look spectacular, and like I spent all the in the kitchen to make them look like that, it is just a sleight of hand. They are easy peasy healthy and yummy!

And trust me, you can make them all! (or at least most of them).

Some of them, the kids can make themselves, and also enjoy the feeling of victory eating their own handmade.

by the way, LOOK.

We eat first with our eyes, and especially with kids, it can be a little difference of “I don't want to eat that” to “Wow it looks so yummy!”

So a little garnish, a minute of aesthetic setting or a smiling face, will already make that twist!

You can use a holiday or a weekend to take your kid with you to the local farmers market, a health shop or the supermarket. Every day there are new products, new healthy things to taste, offer them to pick new foods that they find attractive and would like to try.

Every now and again, buy a new healthy food product and try it on your family, if you made it and they loved it, keep it in your kitchen variety, if not, it is also ok.

You will be surprised to know how many foods your kids would eat.

Explain your kids the sense of things-

why is it so important to eat breakfast, what are the nourishing ingredients etc…

You will be amazed how much your kids are open and ready to listen and make some changes (sometimes even more then us)

It is very important that breakfast will be light and won’t make it difficult for the digestive system on the first couple of hours in school.

On the other hand, it needs to have enough energy to make their brains work, so it needs to contain carbs (complex and non sweetened are preferred).

You can add protein as well, but it is not a must on this part of the day.

It is important to remember - The ideal Breakfast, is eaten while seated, when you are calm and easy.

Be the role model - Give a personal example,

Make yourself a nourishing breakfast, and eat with your kids whenever possible.

Every weekend you can make the family breakfast plan, also for the parents, with your kids.

You can use these adorable planners we made for you!

Just download and print them, and you can hang it on your fridge all week long.

The planner will help you prepare in advance, buy the ingredients, and also spare some arguments in the morning.

Weekly Breakfast Planner for a boy

Weekly Breakfast Planner for a girl

Some DO-NOT tips -

- Do not justify the excuse of being in a rush in the morning. Some of those options will consume just 10 minutes.

- Do not convince yourself a tea is a breakfast

- Do not decide that chocolate corn flacks is an appropriate healthy meal

- Do not eat breakfast on your way to school.

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